life sure is funny.

I never meant to be a marketing copywriter or strategist of anything.

No way. I was going to wander along the Seine, and compose questionable prose from my Parisian terrace. But wait! I did compose questionable prose from my Parisian terrace. For three whole years on a client assignment, in fact. After hours, of course. 

I was also going to be the non-genius liaison for Scientific American. That hasn't happened (yet). But I have interviewed scientists, researchers, and laboratorians for clients like Mayo Medical Laboratories, 3M, and Medtronic to explain emerging treatments and new technologies to their audiences. 

It hasn't been all interactive marketing all the time, however. Before joining Brain Traffic in 2005, I covered the local music scene for a weekly called Pulse, and contributed stories to such publications as Utne Reader, City Pages, Midwest Home, and Request Magazine.

I'm still working out the kinks in my tragically unfulfilled ballerina/ astronaut aspirations. In the meantime, when I'm not in the thick of a project, I exercise my right to flânerie, taking copious photos of whichever city in the world I happen to find myself--including my perpetually underrated home base of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

On the banks of the mighty Mississippi - June 2014

On the banks of the mighty Mississippi - June 2014